BODYVIVE, no injury and musicthings

Boy not having a back injury makes a big difference to the work out experience lol.

So now that I’ve been able to go through all the intensity levels I can definitely say that BODYVIVE 41 is a killer of a work out. From start to finish the work out is go, go and GO! The warm up is amazing – the message is upbeat, and it’s got a sound and style that’s never really been heard in BODYVIVE before.

This work out has a lot of core work in it. So you might want to revisit some of the older releases and think about picking the strength tracks where participants really need to engage their core. There’s also quite a bit of arm work – so let that guide your track choices (keeping in mind BODYVIVE 41 is not out for six months – so you could just do a gradual build up).

Music choices – I’m sure of written about this before. But guys, I’m going to write about it again. My inspiration for writing this is because I was recently in a BODYVIVE class where the music choices were just bit a off kilter for my tastes. So I thought I’d jot down my thoughts – feel free to disagree and chuck them out but I think it’s worth having a healthy, open discussion.

You’re never going to please everyone. We need to accept this. Everyone’s tastes in music are different. And accordingly, a well rounded class should not be dominated with one genre of music. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but do try and have an even mix of genres throughout.

In saying this, be sure you follow the rules for mixing tracks in BODYVIVE. Everything back to release 20 is ok to use. Anything below release 20 and then it gets a bit murky. We can use the odd track here and there from below 20, but NOT whole blocks. It’s also important to keep in mind that the track objectives for some of the tracks have changed. And the music is vastly difference. There really is no comparison in the music between pre-R20 and post-R20.

Our target demographic has changed from baby boomers to millenials/Gen Y/Gen X. This is the direction that BODYVIVE has been heading in since release 28 (and technically, since release 27 if you listen to the music). Of course, you want everyone to feel included and that’s our job – but the look and feel of the class should have a younger vibe to it. If you have a “legacy” class I can’t stress the importance of explaining the changes and then teaching the program at an appropriate level for your participants and making the work out accessible.

The last thing I want to mention about tracks – never rule out a track. Be ready to teach anything and everything. This is quite challenging but it’s a great way to grow as an instructor and I do teach tracks that I’m not good at to try and up my game. It helps me keep real and grounded and realise I am not the universe’s gift to BODYVIVE.
Lastly – Volume! Be very careful – make sure you listen to the transition between tracks. BODYVIVE is the kind of work out where the only natural break in the class is the midway point, and in some cases, right before the start of B1 (to give members time to set up for B1). Otherwise it’s go, go and GO! Try to pick tracks that have a similar volume so you don’t need to pause or adjust the dial too much. Members love a flowing work out.

The other point to volume – do not turn the volume down/up too much. It can ruin a great work out experience. If you have someone who wants the music louder – get them to stand in front of a speaker. For those who want less volume, get them to move to a quieter part of the room and/or get them to wear ear plugs. Honestly, when the volume is too low it really takes the energy out of BODYVIVE – likewise, when the music volume is too loud, it really sounds bad and scratchy.


Well that’s my two cents for now. Hopefully see you in BODYVIVE class or filming soon?


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