BODYVIVE 3.1 R41 is upon us

So what can I tell you? Well, here’s the entire playlist that has been leaked. It will be released in New Zealand, Auckland, next week at workshop. The general launch of this release to the public will begin at the end of November and probably go for a month.

First of all it’s a really great selection of songs. Most of the music appeals to 21 – 32yo and lucky for me I’m in that target demographic. Track 5 is a sing-a-long if members know the lyrics. The set up of this track is to go from low to high intensity. In saying that, if after a few weeks and your members are fit and able, you could probably launch straight into high if you dare.

The cardio block is really intense. Track 2 and Track 4 are paired i.e. they compliment each other. There’s only one other track 2 that will work with this track 4. Read your choreography notes carefully about the moves used in this release. We’ve seen this kind of pairing before in R39. And we’ll no doubt see it again in the future, I’m sure of it!

Track 2 is a pure instrumental – so if you thought Rockin’ N Rollin’ in R40 was the only one of its kind, you were gravely mistaken. But to assuage your feelings, I want to cast people’s minds back to R28’s Sexual Healing which has a choreography change right in the middle of a instrumental segment of the song, R33’s Smells Like Teen Spirit where there really isn’t much to go on musically for choreography changes and R28’s Hello which HAS lyrics but the nature of the choreography is such that you need to make notes as to when transitions happen against the lyrics in order to not fall behind.

Now I wrote the above paragraph because I know there were a lot of concerns from instructors about Rockin’ N’ Rollin’. So I’m putting it out there now that instrumentals are not exactly new to BODYVIVE 3.1.

If you listen to track 1 and you’ve been stalking Susan Trainor’s page her hashtag #ImperfectlyPerfect will make sense now :). This song truly captures the essence of BODYVIVE 3.1 – it’s the program for every fitness level for everyone.

Strength block

I am really looking forward to teaching the core abs track. It’s such a great song – who doesn’t love a little bit of C-Breezy? We finally have a Chris Brown track that isn’t a warm up or a core back track – HOORAY! The integrated strength track is HARD. HARD. HARD. So remember to coach the exercise modifications carefully to members, as always.

Anyway, enough of R41. How are you guys going with R40?


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