Asperger’s and group fitness

Hey guys,

This post Expectations Of An Aspie Group Fitness Instructor was written by a fellow BODYVIVE 3.1 instructor who I’ve gotten to know a little bit better on Facebook. He is very knowledgeable and when it comes to BODYVIVE (as that’s where we mostly interact) he is a subject matter master. I highly recommend reading it because we’re all unique and what makes this instructor unique is that he has been diagnosed with asperger’s. If you don’t know what that is then Google is your go to because as much as I know about asperger’s and the autism spectrum I am by no means an expert on it.

This instructor who wrote the post is – he lives with it daily and it really has an impact on how he coaches. I think it’s really great that he is able to live with this condition but also still be involved in group fitness and maintain regular classes. What an inspiration – from my understanding of the disorder people with it tend to be quite ‘high functioning’ i.e. they can lead independent fulfilling lives but they can struggle with social cues, body language and  sometimes metaphor. For those of us who work in group fitness or media, those are huge obstacles to overcome.

Again, I am not an expert. But the author of that article can speak to the experience of living with it and he is keen as beans to be an advocate on asperger’s so please check his article and if you feel adventurous, the rest of his blog (which is about group fitness and MORE). It really is a delight to read and I’m sure you guys out there will be inspired too.  I am promoting it because in popular media people with asperger’s haven’t always been presented in the most positive of lights.

It’s just passed midnight here in Queensland (I’m on holidays at the moment) so I’m going to go to bed.

Peace and goodnight!

PS write me some time 🙂


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