What can I say about this release? I think you’ll love the track 8 – in fact I know you will. The words match the choreography well. It’s a stroke of genius.

This release has a lot of impact. A LOT. As a member I find it quite hard on the joints. By the start of track 9 I am taking it all low impact and some of your members might do the same as well. It’s not a lack of will power or motivation but more of a case of running out of energy to jump and land safely. After all, safety first in the work out!

Track 1 is a great warm up. I like the whole reverse down dog feel to getting up off of the floor. Track 2 is a nice powerful track that gets the heart working and is a serious co-ordination tester!

Track 4. Power. Power. Power. The legs really burn in this one.

Have you guys tried it out yet? What do you think of BODYATTACK 95?


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