The secret to good instructing is…

Many things. Many, many, many things.

Remember the five pillars – choreography, technique, coaching, connection and performance!

Some of those pillars are a piece of cake while others are bloody HARD! And it’s different for each person. #ThatsLife

So, if you want to be a good instructor – pick one thing to work on! But most important of all, be accepting of feedback as opportunities to grow.  Both the good and the bad – but especially the good, because sometimes (for those of us who are perfectionists) we can be a bit Negative Nancy on ourselves and beat ourselves up when really the mistake wasn’t THAT BAD. Celebrate what you got right and use that as a base to work on to improve.

Because it will take practice. Lots and lots of practice to get better. It won’t happen during the class – your prep for your class will pay off when you hit that stage.

Happy new year folks – I hope to see you all at a BODYVIVE 3.1 filming (or maybe BODYATTACK)? sometime in the future.


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